Equality, Local Government and Communities Committee

Inquiry into poverty in Wales: making the economy work for people on low incomes

Schedule of oral evidence

The following witnesses provided oral evidence to the Committee on the dates noted below.


5 July 2017  


Kirsty Davies-Warner

Oxfam Cymru

Victoria Winckler

Bevan Foundation

Lindsey Kearton

Citizens Advice Bureau

Professor Karel Williams

Alliance Manchester Business School, Manchester University

Professor Anne Green

Birmingham Business School, University of Birmingham

Professor Caroline Lloyd

School of Social Sciences, Cardiff University

Dr Rod Hick

School of Social Sciences, Cardiff University

19 July 2017


Alex Bevan, Economic Policy Officer

Wales TUC

Lynne Hackett, Head of Community


Nick Ireland, Divisional Officer


Cerys Furlong

Chwarae Teg

Dr. Alison Parken

Cardiff University, Cardiff Business School

Joshua Miles

Federation of Small Businesses Wales

Helen Walbey

Recycle Scooters

21 September 2017  


Dr Sharon Wright, Senior Lecturer in Public Policy, Urban Studies,

School of Social and Political Sciences University of Glasgow

Dr Lisa Scullion, Reader in Social Policy,

University of Salford

Ed Evans, Director,

Civil Engineering Contractors Association

Andrew Marchant, Chair,

Wales Construction Federation Alliance

Mark Drakeford AM, Cabinet Secretary for Finance and Local Government

Welsh Government

Sue Moffatt, Director, National Procurement Service

Welsh Government

11 October 2017


Angharad Mair

Tinopolis Cymru

Meirion Davies

Mentrau Iaith

25 January 2018


Ken Skates AM, Cabinet Secretary for Economy and Transport

Welsh Government 

Eluned Morgan AM, Minister for Welsh Language and Lifelong Learning

Welsh Government 

Marcella Maxwell, Deputy Director for Organisational Development & Change Programme, Welsh Government

Welsh Government 

Maureen Howell, Deputy Director, Equality and Prosperity, Welsh Government

Welsh Government 

Rachel Garside-Jones, Acting Deputy Director, Skills, Employability and EU Funding, Welsh Government

Welsh Government