Statutory Instruments with Clear Reports

12 March 2018

SL(5)193 – The Welsh Language Standards (No. 7) Regulations 2018

Procedure: Affirmative

The Welsh Language (Wales) Measure 2011 (“the Measure”) makes provision for the specification of standards of conduct in relation to the Welsh language (“standards”). These replace the system of Welsh language schemes provided for by the Welsh Language Act 1993.

These Regulations specify standards in relation to the conduct of Local Health Boards, National Health Service Trusts in Wales, Community Health Councils and the Board of Community Health Councils in Wales (which are referred to in the Regulations as “bodies”).

The Regulations also authorise (subject to certain exceptions set out in regulation 3(2)) the Commissioner to give a compliance notice to those bodies, in relation to standards specified by the Regulations. In relation to Social Care Wales the Regulations authorise the Commissioner to give that body a compliance notice in relation to standards specified in the Welsh Language Standards (No. 4) Regulations 2016.

Usually a number in the name of one of a series of Statutory Instruments refers to the number made in the particular year. In this case the number refers to the whole series of Standards Regulations, in the same manner as commencement orders are numbered.

These Regulations use the Welsh alphabet in the Welsh version and the English version, because of the nature and subject matter of the Regulations. This style is different to the usual numbering style adopted in subordinate legislation made by the Welsh Ministers.

Parent Act: Welsh Language (Wales) Measure 2011

Date Made: Not stated

Date Laid: Not stated

Coming into force date: 29 June 2018