As you can appreciate a lot of our pricing data is sensitive, but what I can talk about is the most common street deals found on the streets of South Wales and how much it would cost a user.


·         1 gram of Female Flowering Head Cannabis cost £10 and a user would make 4 Cannabis Cigarettes out of the gram.

·         0.1 grams of Heroin cost £10

·         1 gram of Cocaine costs £40 - £50 and a user will snort 5 – 7 lines out of a deal

·         0.2 grams of Crack Cocaine costs £15 - £20

·         Ecstasy has a two tier market. Within the Club environment would cost £10 a tablet and outside could cost £5    

·         1 gram of MDMA powder costs £40

·         1 gram of Amphetamine costs £10

·         We are not seeing Crystal Meth on streets of South Wales but an emerging trend is that is being used along with Viagra, Mephedrone and GHB at ‘Chemsex Parties’ amongst the Gay community.

·         1 gram of Ketamine costs £20 - £40

·         Benzodiazepines are commonly sold in multiples of 10’s and cost £5 for 20 – 25 tablets

·         SCRA’s – (Street name ‘SPICE’) is more common within the prison environment, but on streets sold at £5 – £10 per gram


The drugs market is ever changing where anything new will create a market for the dealer. SCRA use amongst the homeless is on the increase and LSD and Ecstasy are being re branded so there is an emerging trend there.


Within ‘County line Gangs’ Heroin and Crack Cocaine is still the drug of choice to be marketed.


Without quoting exact purities due to sensitive nature of the sources, I can say that the average purity of powdered drugs in South Wales are very much in line with those elsewhere throughout the UK.