P-05-788 Remove the compulsory aspect of Welsh Baccalaureate – Correspondence from the Petitioner to the Committee, 22.11.17

Dear Sirs,

I am aware a press release was sent stating Welsh Bac is not compulsory however this statement was very disingenuous as the Wels Bac is one of only two standards that schools will be assessed on from 2018, so schools have to insist the entire cohort study this subject or suffer the consequences of having lower grades.

Either take Welsh Bac out of the assessment criteria or be honest and admit that schools and therefore students have been left no option but to waste time on a subject many do not want to take. Give our children a world class education and not the nationalist limiting subject currently being forcibly pressed onto our children and the staff that teach them.

I would be very happy to discuss this in person.

Kind regards

Katharine Drinkwater