P-05-790 Tackle Rough Sleeping

This petition was submitted by Hanin Abou Salem having collected 71 signatures online.

Petition Text

We’re calling on the Welsh Government to tackle rough sleeping in Wales. A devolved government is a "government closer to the people," all the people!

I recently moved to Wales and I have fallen in love with everything Welsh. But every day my happiness is mixed with immense sadness because I pass so many people sleeping rough in the streets. Their ongoing misery is an affront to my humanity. As an individual I cannot solve their problem on my own but together as a government and people we can make a difference.

The homeless people I pass every day in Wales have indicated that they feel like “forgotten people”. They live in a vicious circle which can only be broken if the government sets a clear strategy to get them off the street and into a safe accommodation so they regain their lives. About 2 weeks ago I passed a homeless person and someone commented that individuals sleeping rough want to be homeless. As I was arguing against this logic we passed a homeless man near city road reading a book!

No one chooses to be homeless.  People become homeless as a result of certain circumstances and the government has a duty to get people off the street so they can be active citizens who can live with dignity, have access to work opportunities and be able to vote. The Housing Act (Wales) 2014 required all councils in Wales to help anyone at risk of becoming homelessness within 56 days does not solve the problem of individuals who are already homeless and sleeping in the streets. We need to address rough sleeping now!


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