Statutory Instruments with Clear Reports

16 October 2017

SL(5)128 – The Education (Supply of information about the School Workforce) (Wales) Regulations 2017

Procedure: Negative

TheseRegulations impose a duty on schools and local authorities to supply items of data about each member of the school workforce to the Welsh Government when requested to do so. They also specify which items of information should be provided, how they will be used and with whom they may be shared.

Parent Act: Education Act 2005

Date Made: 20 September 2017

Date Laid: 26 September 2017

Coming into force date: 31 October 2017

SL(5)138 – The Marine Licensing (Delegation of Functions) (Wales) Order 2017

Procedure: Negative

This Order delegates the exercise of certain functions of the Welsh Ministers as a licensing authority under the Marine and Coastal Access Act 2009 to the Natural Resources Body for Wales

Parent Act: Marine and Coastal Access Act 2009

Date Made: 27 September 2017

Date Laid: 4 October 2017

Coming into force date: 20 November 2017



SL(5)140 – The Education (Hazardous Equipment in Schools) (Removal of Restrictions on Use) (Wales) Regulations 2017

Procedure: Negative

These Regulations revoke the Education (Schools and Further and Higher Education) Regulations 1989 (“the 1989 Regulations”) (regulation 2). This removes the requirement in the 1989 Regulations—

(a) for maintained schools, non-maintained schools and further education institutions to obtain the Welsh Ministers approval before using for the purposes of instruction certain radioactive substances and certain apparatus; and

(b) for hostels for pupils with special educational needs to be inspected. There are no longer any such hostels in Wales and the requirement for inspection is therefore redundant.

These Regulations also remove the requirement in the Education (Special Educational Needs) (Approval of Independent Schools) Regulations 1994 for independent schools approved under section 347 of the Education Act 1996 to notify the Welsh Ministers in writing before using such substances and apparatus for the purposes of instruction (regulation 3).

Parent Acts: Education Act 1996; Education Act 2002

Date Made: 3 October 2017

Date Laid: 5 October 2017

Coming into force date: 1 November 2017