The Arts in Britain should be Lottery Funded especially the Eisteddfod. Theatres and Concert Halls should be Private Businesses which survive on ticket sales. Art Galleries should be part of National Heritage and Museums Funding. No artists should be given a living wage from tax payer’s money for more than six months. Thirty million pounds a year would be a great help to hospital and schools. It does not raise people’s spirits to see piles of scrap metal exhibited as Art – it makes people angry at the waste of money. People can find music they like very cheaply on radio or phones these days. Assembly members are elected to see that taxpayers money is spent wisely on essential services and keeping the economy healthy by attracting sensible viable businesses to Wales. The Arts Council grants should be scrapped along with the non-essential jobs of those who spend money on trivial temporary art installations in unexpected places in town or country – Brexit comes first!