P-05-716 Free School Transport for all Children in Wales - Correspondence from the Petitioner to the Committee, 03.07.17

RE: Petitioners response

To whom it may concern,

Although safety measurements and implications are continuously mentioned in responses I once again do not see any safety aspects taking place, which goes against all what Arriva Train proposed what the charged train service would give to the pupils, although the act states that children living within 3 miles of their nearest suitable school is in place I have not seen any child living in this distance away from Treorchy comprehensive receive this free transport and I reiterate that pupils who live this distance away are not eligible for bus passes so the train is the only means of transport as for some families it is physically impossible to take their children back and forth to school all day. From personal experience I find the staff on the train station to be very rude and ill-mannered and it is disappointing to see that the money Arriva gain from the passes does not go towards making sure their staff treat pupils with respect, the staff are not very courteous to those who buy the tickets on the station placing barriers in front of them before they even have a chance to board the train which is particularly unfair as these pupils may not be able to afford the passes once again putting a strain on families as they may have to collect their children from the station as a result of them being disallowed to board the train

I hope you take into consideration my concerns expressed

Yours sincerely,

Elin Tuckwood