P-05-692 Welsh Assembly to Build a International Mother languages Monument at Cardiff Bay - Correspondence from the Petitioner to the Committee, 05.07.17


Dear Chairman,

Petition Committee



I refer to your recent correspondence from Mr Ken Skates AM. First of all, as I mentioned in my previous email that leader of the assembly did mention in her speech at City Hall on 21st February that the Welsh Government will support to build this project technically and financially. You may be aware that the International Language Monument represents International Mothers Language day. UNISCO has granted and recognised to celebrate this event internationally. Many countries in the world have been celebrating this occasion as well and it has become a part of the community world-wide. Wales is the communities of a community. I believe we have a wider range of support from all diverse communities in Cardiff. Many schools and local organisations also celebrate IMLD widely. It becomes a part of the educational aspect in Wales. However, in terms of financial support from the Welsh government, my project committee are asking for £65,000 funding from the Welsh Assembly.  I will really appreciate it if the minister will come up with £50,000. The project committee will generate £15,000.


Look forward to hearing from you,

Many thanks


Mohammed Sarul Islam

Joint chair

International Language Monument project committee.