P-04-667 Roundabout for the A477/ A4075 Junction – Correspondence from the Petitioner to the Committee, 31.08.17


Good Morning Kayleigh


I would be grateful if you could forward the comments below at the meeting of Friday 1st September.


Comments from Councillor Keith Nicholas:  The problem with the junction is that when tankers are waiting to cross the junction and waiting to join the carriageway towards Carmarthen the carriageway heading to Pembroke Dock is blocked.


With a Petrochemical refinery close by using a high volume of petrol tankers this is clearly dangerous especially when travelling up the hill towards the fingerpost the junction is hidden for a fair distance.


Comments from Councillor Rose Blackburn:  When looking towards the right, the main road has a dip which gives the impression that the main road is clear.


The island is not wide enough.  If the lorry cab is there, the trailer is blocking half of the main road.


Comments from Councillor Dennis Evans:  There was a line in the attached letter which mentioned “unusual vehicle manoeuvers” I can only assume that refers to the central part of the junction which in the opinion of many that it is not wide enough for some of the bigger / longer lorries to get fully into the space provided.

This is obviously a safety issue because the speed generated on that section of the road can be excessive.


Another safety concern is the absence of any lighting. At night the junction is pitch black so the installation of lights will undoubtedly help.

In my opinion the junction should be changed into a roundabout.


Comments from Councillor Aden Brinn:  With regard to your email relating to the Fingerpost the concerns have already been addressed in our petition.  Nothing has changed, the area is still one of danger  for motorists and can be resolved by the introducing of a roundabout there. .  I do not have statistics of accidents  etc   but the police would be able to assist in this regard. 



Pembroke Town Council is still under the impression that this junction is very dangerous and is an accident waiting to happen, and whilst there may not be a fatality recorded at this precise junction, there has been plenty of near misses.  The lack of visibility whilst a large vehicle is entering out onto the main road, with traffic coming at you at speed is very dangerous and the only way forward for the safety of road users would be to install a roundabout there, therefore reducing speed and increasing the visibility.


Kind Regards


Suzie Thomas

Town Clerk - Pembroke