Cynulliad Cenedlaethol Cymru / National Assembly for Wales

Y Pwyllgor Materion Cyfansoddiadol a Deddfwriaethol a’r Pwyllgor Materion Allanol a Deddfwriaeth Ychwanegol / The Constitutional and Legislative Affairs Committee and the External Affairs and Additional Legislation Committee

Ymgynghoriad ar Fil yr Undeb Ewropeaidd (Ymadael) a'i oblygiadau i Gymru / The European Union (Withdrawal) Bill and its implications for Wales


Ymateb gan D Eifion Thomas / Evidence from D Eifion Thomas

It is essential that the National Assembly for Wales, at the very least, retains the powers it now has, and it is important that powers now residing in Brussel are adopted by the assembly or we will be sidelined and increasingly dictated to from London. In my experience, having lived in Brussel, and other capitals in Europe and Asia, the less powers that reside in London the better it will be for Wales. I do not wish to burden you with details, but, suffice to say that the arrangement NOW between Wales and England is the worst arrangement between any two countries in the world.

Yours sincerely,

D.E.Thomas BSc Economics, M.Eng.