P-05-711 Ensure Disabled People’s Housing Adaption Needs Are Adequately Met - Correspondence from the Petitioner to the Committee, 06.07.17


Dear Kathryn,

Thank you for your follow-up correspondence.


We are delighted that the new framework ENABLE – Support for independent living, which simplifies the processes for adaptions in the home, is being rolled out for a better home environment for disabled people.  We are also pleased that your frontline staff and delivery team will be trained to serve the best possible care and support to help meet the needs of individuals.


As it stands, we are satisfied with the relevant actions and policies implemented by the Cabinet. 


In the meantime, we will pass this on to our service users and ask for their feedback on the new framework, and we are confident the Cabinet will welcome their feedback too.


Many thanks for receiving our petition and informing us of changes to meet the needs of disabled people at home.