P-04-688 TATA Steel Port Talbot Power Plant - Correspondence from the Petitioner to the Committee, 05.07.17


Dear Kathryn,


I would certainly recommend that the petition be pursued, it is as relevant today as it was when first presented to the petitions committee.

With the current situation of uncertainty in the steel industry every consideration on securing the future of the Port Talbot plant has to be of paramount importance. I am very concerned at Tata’s reluctance to invest in the plant, it does not bode well for the long term future. Rather than ‘fire fight’ with the current aging power plant, it has to be a better option to invest in a new modern environmentally efficient plant. Whilst the main object of the power plant is to supply ‘blast’ to the furnaces, the electricity produced is a bonus supplying the site and any surplus being exported to the national grid. What a win, win situation that would be.

I am alarmed and dismayed that Tata has shown little faith in the loyal workforce and fear that without this investment the works only has a short term future! Only last year Tata announced that if the Port Talbot works made £200m profit that they would invest in the works, today I haven’t heard of any large investment! Tata stated that they would look at the two furnace operation on site after five years, why such a short term? Does Tata intend to close the ‘heavy end’ after the five years has expired? This would probably explain the lack of investment at present.

Again I say, the investment of a power plant has to be pursued for the immediate and long term future of Tata Port Talbot.


Mr Bamsey




Correspondence from Bethan Jenkins, AM to the Petitions Committee, 05.07.17


Dear Petitions Committee members,


I would second the content of this email from the petitioner Peter Bamsey, and say that this issue is still very much relevant and important.


I would be more than happy to come in to the committee alongside Peter Bamsey to provide the committee with evidence on this matter.


We cannot let the issue of investment fall down the political agenda. The plans for the power plant were drawn up years ago now, and this is a much needed project for the long term future progress of the steel works in my region,




Bethan Jenkins, AM