Cynulliad Cenedlaethol Cymru / National Assembly for Wales
Y Pwyllgor Materion Allanol a Deddfwriaeth Ychwanegol / The External Affairs and Additional Legislation Committee
Bil y Diddymu Mawr / The Great Repeal Bill
EAAL(5) GRB 01
Ymateb gan Cyllid Cymru / Evidence from Finance Wales


Please see response to item 4.1 from Finance Wales.

4.1 How can the Assembly ensure that the Welsh people, stakeholders and organisations have sufficient opportunity to contribute to the legislative processes established by the Great Repeal Bill?

In regards to Finance and providing access to finance to SMEs, Finance Wales supports the Welsh Government’s policy detailed within ‘Securing Wales’ Future’. As a key deliverer of European Structural Investment Funds programmes to SMEs, Finance Wales is able to provide evidence and expertise for assessing the practical application of new legislation in this area.  By seeking the views of our stakeholders and assessing the outputs on the delivery of European policy and funding initiatives, particularly those supporting Welsh SMEs from the regular reports we provide to the Welsh European Funding Office (‘WEFO’) as Managing Authority.  Accordingly we would recommend that stakeholder engagement should be facilitated through WEFO.