Dear Ms. Jenkins,

I am writing to you regarding the Save Womanby Street campaign. It is vital that we protect the music and culture that define Cardiff, at the heart of which are the music venues in Womanby Street.

Recent developments have highlighted the danger that our remaining venues could face, if residential properties are allowed to be built next door to existing music venues.

Cardiff Council could and should protect Womanby Street as a specific area of cultural significance. The Local Development Plan can include this, enabling protection for the existing venues. I understand that the council need to ensure there are sufficient homes for a growing population, but there are numerous alternative sites available within the city.

One only has to visit Womanby Street during a music festival to see the range of different people to whom music is important, from grandparents, to students, to parents pushing baby buggies. People in attendance are not only from the residential population of Cardiff but from surrounding areas as well as countries as far away as Canada.

Additionally, these visitors have a knock-on positive effect on the city’s economic outlook, as they also spend money in hotels, shops and restaurants whilst attending music events. A recent survey by UK Music identified a total direct and indirect spend of a £52 million generated in Cardiff from music tourism in 2015, with a total of 741 full time jobs generated from same. 

I hope that as Chair of the Culture, Welsh Language and Communications Committee you will be able to raise this concern about Womanby Street, protecting an important area for the enjoyment of the residential population and visitors for years to come.

Please help to retain Cardiff as the capital of the land of song, not apartments.

I look forward to your reply. Thank you.

Yours sincerely,
Beverly Francis B.A.