2012 No. 685 (W. 93)


The Local Election Survey (Wales) Regulations 2012


(This note is not part of the Regulations)

Section 1 of the Local Government (Wales) Measure 2011 imposes a duty on a local authority (a county council or a county borough council), in accordance with regulations, to conduct a survey after each ordinary election to the council of the county or county borough and to each community council (normally held concurrently every four years) in the local authority’s area.

A local authority must conduct the survey by asking prescribed questions of councillors and unsuccessful candidates who have stood for election as councillors in the local authority’s area.

These Regulations prescribe the questions that a local authority must ask when conducting a local election survey. The prescribed questions and the form  in which they may be asked are set out in  the Schedule to the Regulations.

The prescribed questions relate to gender, sexual orientation, language, race, age, disability, religion or belief, health, education and qualifications, employment, work as a councillor, party affiliation, involvement with the third sector and length of political activity.

These Regulations prescribe that the survey information must be collated in an electronic spreadsheet. Details relating to the spreadsheet will be included in guidance.

In addition, these Regulations prescribe that the manner in which the collated information must be provided to the Welsh Ministers is by electronic spreadsheet.


2012 No. 685 (W. 93)


The Local Election Survey (Wales) Regulations 2012

Made                                      4 March 2012

Laid before the National Assembly for Wales  

                                                    6 March 2012

Coming into force                   31 March 2012

The Welsh Ministers, in exercise of the powers conferred upon them by sections 1(3)(a), 1(3)(b), 2 (2),  and 175, of the Local Government (Wales) Measure 2011([1]) make the following Regulations:

Title and commencement

1.(1)(1) The title of these Regulations is the Local Election Survey (Wales) Regulations 2012.

(2) These Regulations come into force on 31 March 2012.


2. In these Regulations—

“the Measure” (“y Mesur”) means the Local Government (Wales) Measure 2011.

Survey questions and form

3. For the purposes of section 1(3) (a) of the Measure, the questions and the form in which they are to be asked are set out in the Schedule.

Collation of survey information

4. For the purposes of section 1(3) (b) of the Measure, the information must be collated in an electronic spreadsheet.

Provision of survey information

5. For the purposes of section 2(2) of the Measure,  the collated information must be provided to the Welsh Ministers by electronic spreadsheet.


Carl Sargeant



Minister for Local Government and Communities, one of the Welsh Ministers


4 March 2012

                     SCHEDULE      Regulation 3

Survey of Local Government Candidates in Wales




Response (see footnote at the end of the questions)


At the last local government election, did you stand for election to a:

(please tick as appropriate)

·     County or County Borough Council


·     Community or Town Council



What is your status following the local election?

(please tick as appropriate)

·     Councillor -

County or County Borough




·     Councillor -

Community or Town Council




·     Unelected



In the local government election, which party, if any, were you representing?

(please tick as appropriate)

·     Independent





·     Plaid Cymru




·     Welsh Conservative Party




·     Welsh Labour Party




·     Welsh Liberal Democrats




·     Other (please specify)



Have you stood for election to a council in the past? (please tick as appropriate)

·     Yes (County or County Borough Council)




·     Yes (Community or Town Council)




·     No



Have you served as a councillor in the past? (please tick as appropriate)

·     Yes (County or County Borough Council)




·     Yes (Community or Town Council)




·     No



If yes, how many years in total have you served as a councillor?  Please include all periods of office that you have served as a councillor

·     Years as a county or county borough councillor




·     Years as a community or  town councillor



Are you:

(please tick as appropriate)

·     Male




·     Female



What age band were you in on your last birthday? (please tick as appropriate)

·         18-24 years



·         25-29 years



·         30-34 years



·         35-39 years



·         40-44 years



·         45-49 years



·         50-54 years



·         55-59 years



·         60-64 years



·     65 -69 years



·     70-74 years





·     75-79 years




·     80 years or over



What is your ethnic group?

(please tick as appropriate)

A. White

·     Welsh/English/ Scottish/ Northern Irish/British




·     Irish




·     Gypsy or Irish Traveller




·     Any other White background, write in




B. Mixed/multiple ethic groups

·     White and Black Caribbean




·     White and Black African




·     White and Asian




·     Any other Mixed/multiple ethnic background, write in




C. Asian/Asian British

·      Indian




·     Pakistani




·     Bangladeshi




·     Chinese




·     Any other Asian background, write in




D. Black/African/ Caribbean/Black British

·     African




·     Caribbean




·     Any other Black/African/ Caribbean background, write in




E. Other ethnic group

·     Arab




·     Any other ethnic group, write in



What is your religion?

·     No religion





·     Christian (all denominations)




·     Buddhist




·     Hindu




·     Jewish




·     Muslim




·     Sikh




·     Any other religion, write in



Do you consider yourself to be:

(please tick as appropriate)

·     Heterosexual or straight




·     Gay or lesbian




·     Bisexual




·     Other



What is your employment status?

(please tick as appropriate)

·     Self employed




·     In full time employment




·     In part-time employment




·     Unemployed




·     Retired




·     On maternity leave




·     Looking after family or home




·     Full-time student




·     Long term sick or disabled




·     On a government training scheme




·     Unpaid worker in family business




·     Unpaid carer




·     Doing something else  (please specify



What category best describes your current or most recent employment sector?

(please tick as appropriate)

·     Local government




·     Central government




·     NHS




·     Education




·     Other public sector




·     Private sector




·     Voluntary sector




·     Other (please specify)



If your status is employed, which category best describes your type of employment?

·     Managerial or executive




·     Professional or technical




·     Lecturer, teacher or researcher




·     Administrative, clerical secretarial or sales




·     Manual or craft




Do you have parental responsibility for a child aged 16 or under ?

(please tick as appropriate)

·     Yes




·     No



Have you given unpaid help to any of these types of groups or organisations at any time in the last 12 months?

For example as a volunteer, trustee or board member

(please tick all that apply)

·     Children’s education/ schools




·     Youth/children’s activities (outside school)




·     Education for adults




·     Sports or exercise (e.g. coaching)




·     Religious or faith based group




·     Gender group




·     Sexuality group




·     Political party




·     Health, disability or social welfare group




·     The elderly




·     First Aid




·     Environment group




·     Animal welfare group




·     Justice and Human Rights




·     Community or neighbourhood group




·     Citizens’ group




·     Social club




·     Trade Union




·     Other (please specify)




·     None



What is your highest education qualification?

(please tick as appropriate)

·         None




·     ‘O’ level, GCSE, CSE, NVQ 1/2 or equivalent




·     ‘A’ level, NVQ 3 or equivalent




·     NVQ level 4 or equivalent




·          Foundation or Ordinary degree

·          NVQ level 5

·         HND and HNC






·         Honours Degree




·         Master/Postgraduate qualification




·     Professional qualification (e.g. accountancy)



How is your physical  health in general?

(please tick as appropriate)

·     Very good




·     Good




·     Fair




·     Poor




·     Very Poor



How is your mental health in general?

(please tick as appropriate)

·         Very Good




·     Good




·     Fair




·     Poor




·     Very Poor



 Do you consider yourself to be a disabled person? (please tick as appropriate)

·     Yes




·     No



If so, do you have a:




Physical impairment




Sensory impairment




Learning disability




Mental health issue




Long term health condition




Other (please state)




If yes, does this illness or disability limit your activities in any way?

(please tick as appropriate)

·     Yes




·     No



Can you understand, speak, read or write Welsh?

(please tick all that apply)

·     Understand spoken Welsh




·     Speak Welsh




·     Read Welsh




·     Write Welsh




·     None of the above



What is your main language?

(please tick all that apply)


·     English




·     Welsh




·     Other, write in (including British Sign Language)


Please note that you are not obliged to answer all or any of the above questions.


([1])           2011 (nawm 4).