I have tried to respond to the Consultation on the future of S4C. but am unsure if the attempt reached you as the last question asked where I lived and only Welsh areas were options. I live in Scotland and watch S4C every day via Sky. I presume Sky pay S4C for this and if they do not, that is one change which should be made to bring in needed funds.

I have been relearning Welsh via the SaySomethinginWelsh on line facility and have met people from all over the world on the SSiW Forum, all of whom greatly value such S4C programs as they can access. This seems to vary widely and all would happily pay a subscription to S4CInternational to get as many programs as possible.

I started a petition to the UK Government Secretary of State for Culture, Media and Sport when S4C’s finances first began to be cut.

The Public Signature list is available on line at


The many comments stress the value placed upon the Channel and our ancient and beautiful language, which is an asset to tourism, not a detriment.

Please would you take account of the value of all types of programs to the diaspora as well as those within Wales.

Please note that I am now 75, so my license fee is, I believe, now borne by the BBC. If I could choose I would donate it to S4C and, actually, I would be happy to continue paying while I am alive.