0-3 years

·         Health visitors to advise on transfer and pick up needs early.

·         Why are speech and language therapists who do work with schools not covered by the Bill? What about physios and OTs who might need to provide ALN?

·         School nurse is the link person.


Q.1 objective 3: Parents will still question whether their children should have more intervention. Will this lead to a reduction? Maybe in the longer term but this is unlikely to be the case initially.

We need national criteria to help the decision regarding the transfer of responsibility between schools and local authorities.

The 10 aims

·         Agree with numbers 1, 2, 3, 4 and 5

·         with number 3 there is a question regarding pupils who will just require a boost of intervention for weak basic skills. For these pupils having an IDP would be overkill. Need to be aware of the practicalities for ALNCOs with writing a one page profile and review meetings with parents for all pupils on the SEN register.

·         Where outside agencies are involved - pupils currently on the SAP threshold - an IDP would be appropriate.

·         For pupils who only require intervention at school (with no outside agency involvement) because they have weak basic skills – pupils currently on the school action threshold - no need for an IDP.

·         6 - is it children or parents behind the decisions? Not all parents are realistic about the needs of their children and they don't see the bigger picture in terms of provision for all.

·         9 - criteria are needed which needs to be evidence-based.


Multi-agency collaboration

·         The new roles should improve the situation.

·         staffing?

·         Early IDP very helpful at pre-school age.

·         Some parents would see this as being a big fuss.

·         IDP is not appropriate for home educated pupils.

·         Needs to be according to the child's needs not the parents wishes.

·         Postcode lottery for transfer to local authority responsibility - need criteria nationally.

·         Can we have LA panels in place to make decisions regarding the transfer of responsibility? SENCO's would welcome this.

·         IDPs to be reviewed more often than 12 months for all pupils with ALN would be too onerous. Fine for those with more serious needs but not at IDP level.

·         We need to consider the availability of outside agencies staff and the practicalities of getting all these people together so frequently.


0-25 years

·         Funding is the main issue here especially post 16.

·         Funding will be required in terms of the capacity of FE colleges to meet the needs of post 16 learners - the courses are not currently being offered.

·         The money spent on transporting pupils to FEIs in rural areas is huge.


Dispute resolution

·         case friend - would this be a professional or the young persons choice?


Workforce development

·         ALNCO?


Any other points

·         Be practical this needs to be for the benefit of the pupils.