General Principles:  In general the Transition Team, feel that the Bill is a good initiative that will focus the support with the services that Know, assess and form relationships with the young people that have a disability.  E.g. (Education and Social Services from each authority).


Potential Barriers:  We believe that the current system is a flawed system that could be highlighting young people that do not require residential college input and could be missing people that do require this service.  However, we feel that there could be resistance to change from the current providers/assessors of the service.


The extension to 25 years and the inclusion of an Individual Development Plan which is led by LA (this sits nicely with PCP)

Potential barrier – an ‘expectation’ of collaboration and flexibility – this needs to be a requirement rather than an expectation.


Financial Implications:  The provision of extra staff for both Social Services and Education to drive this initiative forward and become more effective and efficient than the current system.  This would also provide the opportunity to research and develop more effective alternatives to the current support e.g. Social Service and Education working together to look at the current provision and new initiatives/alternatives.