AC(4)2012(2) Paper 3 part 1

Date:       Thursday, 8 March 2012
      11:00 – 13:00
    Presiding Officer’s office
Author name and contact number: Iwan Williams, ext 8039

Framework for the Assembly Commission annual report and statement of accounts 2011-12

1.0    Purpose and summary

1.1     This paper provides an outline of the proposed content of the 2011-12 Annual Report and Statement of Accounts.

2.0    Recommendations

2.1     The Commission is asked to agree the proposed outline for the Annual Report and Accounts 2011-12.

2.2     In accordance with the Assembly’s sustainability policy, the full report will only be available online, although printed summary versions will be available for distribution at summer events and across the Assembly estate.  Careful consideration will be given to distributing them to appropriate public spaces such as public libraries.

3.0    Discussion

3.1     The Annual Report and Accounts 2011-12 will be written with the information needs of an external audience in mind, primarily the public, but will also need to address other audiences including Assembly Members, their support staff, the media and other stakeholders.

3.2     It is proposed that the report focuses on the strategic priorities for the Fourth Assembly, with a strong emphasis on building an Assembly for the future. It will cover:

a.      preparations for the election and dissolution;

b.     the election and new membership;

c.      the work of the new Assembly Commission (to include the strategy and introduction of the Official Languages Bill); 

d.     new arrangements for Assembly business (to include reference to changes to the Committee structure and Plenary and the mainstreaming of European issues);

e.      the work of the Remuneration Board, internal audit, continuous professional development, and the work of the Standards Commissioner.

3.3     The proposed framework of the 2011-12 annual report is:

a.      Presiding Officer’s foreword;

b.     Introduction from the Chief Executive and Clerk of the Assembly;

c.      Building an Assembly for the future;

d.     Royal Opening of the Fourth Assembly – the day in pictures, including videos of key moments, such as the Presiding Officer and the Queen’s speech;

e.      Short biographies of the 60 Assembly Members;

f.       Outlining the role and responsibilities of Assembly Members by highlighting their work in the following areas:

i.       representing constituents’ interests;

ii.     making laws for Wales;

iii.   holding the Welsh Government to account;

g.     Statement of accounts, including management summary.

3.4     The English version of the Annual Report will be available for review on 14 June 2012, when it will be sent to be translated.

3.5     The Annual Report and Statement of Accounts will be laid before the Assembly and published online on 12 July 2012.