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Y goblygiadau i Gymru wrth i Brydain adael yr Undeb Ewropeaidd | Implications for Wales of Britain exiting the European Union

IOB 07
Ymateb gan Y Pwyllgor ar Newid Hinsawdd

Evidence from Committee on Climate Change


The Committee on Climate Change is the statutory body charged with providing independent advice to the Welsh Assembly and Welsh Government on all issues relating to climate change.

With regards to your call for evidence on the implications for Wales of Britain exiting the EU: the Committee on Climate Change have not done a specific analysis of Wales to-date.

As an independent advisors on all issues relating to climate change we recently published a preliminary note on the implications of the vote to leave the EU on UK climate change policy. Our overall assessment can be found here:  .

We hope that it is of use to the Assembly in its deliberations.  Please get in touch if there are specific issues about Brexit and climate change that committee would like to discuss.