P-04-519 Abolition of Park Homes Sales Commission – Correspondence from the Petitioner to the Chair, 18.11.16



18th November 2016


Dear Chairman,


I find it difficult to believe that the Welsh Assembly Government has spent £45,594 of taxpayer’s money on a survey of the “Economics of the Park Home Industry” without including sight of the park owner’s audited accounts. It is even quoted on page 24 of the report:


“Furthermore, financial information by both operators and residents has not been validated and therefore its accuracy may be impacted by reporting error and/ or misrepresentation. Validation of financial information would require the review of audited accounts of park home operators, however, this was outside of the scope of this research project”


When it was decided to remove the park owners from being involved in the selling of private properties because of the intimidation and unfair practices by some of the park owners, we the home owners were very relieved indeed, but to then find out that some of the park owners who you had already found unfit to be involved in the selling process have now been consulted by PACEC concerning the impact of the abolition of the charge without any sight of their audited accounts, their word has now been accepted without any proof, to say that we are amazed must be the understatement of the year.


Although the report itself is professional there are many items in it that are extremely debatable, for instance:


1. Several parks did not receive the questionnaire.

2. Meetings with residents on their parks did not materialise.

3. The lists of residents to be consulted was not taken from up to date council tax records but from site licence information which can be very out of date and led to many being unable to have their say.


Please give us the opportunity to meet and speak to the Minister so that he is able to hear first hand our concerns before making a decision that will affect thousands of middle aged and elderly people.

We have spoken to our A.M. Ms. Kirsty Williams and highlighted our concerns but we feel a meeting with as opposed to correspondence with the Minister would be much more beneficial for both parties.


If for one moment I thought that removing the commission charge would damage the park home industry our residents association would not have raised the petition in the first place.


The commission charges have been an issue in the park home industry for many years, the 10% for over 30yrs, please, before a final decision is made, accept that being able to have sight of the audited accounts of the park owners is vital.


Yours sincerely


Bob Mounford


Chairman Caerwnon Park Residents Association