26 October 2016

Dear Bethan Jenkins

We write as an initial response on behalf of the Archives and Records Council of Wales (ARCW) to the Welsh Government Review of Heritage Services and in particular to the proposed formation of  Heritage Wales.

The archive sector in Wales comprises:

·         13 local authority archive services (record offices) including 3 joint services, with 15 service points

·         5 higher education archive services

·         The National Library of Wales

·         Amgueddfa Cymru – National Museum Wales

·         The Royal Commission on the Ancient and Historical Monuments of Wales (RCAHMW)

. The proposal has had little publicity and has not yet been formally discussed by ARCW members.  We hope to  be in a better position to respond more fully  to the report following our AGM in November.

However, we understand that what is proposed would constitute a major change for the Museum (which is a member  of ARCW), its status and its ability to control its own budget.  In view of the momentous nature of the proposed change we would expect there to be an adequate and well publicised period of public consultation which clearly states the options under consideration and the benefits of the one selected. 

We are deeply concerned by the current proposal and  believe that the matter would benefit from a more detailed public exposition,

Yours sincerely


Nia Mai Daniel    & Helen Palmer

ARCW Secretary   Chair of ARCW