CYPE(05)-07-16 – Paper 2 - Children, Young People and Education Committee

Inquiry into Youth Services Analysis

The Children, Young People and Education Committee consulted young people aged 11-25 as part of its Inquiry into Youth Work. The consultation ran from July to September 2016 and received 1511 responses from young people.

Here is a summary of what young people said;

01. Do you ever use youth services (like a youth club or project)?


Yes   51.93%



No     48.07%


(In interpreting these statistics it’s relevant to note that the numbers may be affected by the focused engagement of the Assembly Youth Engagement Service)



Of those who answered ‘yes’, we asked:


02. When?



In the day    13.90%


At night        37.54%


After school / college     32.59%


Weekends      15.97%


03. How often?


Most days      21%



About once a week    58.45%



Less than that      12.33%



Other    8.13%


Other answers included:

·         In the holidays          6.67%

·         When there is an event on   8.33%

·         Fortnightly                18.33%

·         Uncategorised (Included specific days)     66.67%


04. Where?


I can walk to it    51.09%


I need to use transport to get there   48.91%

You can tell us what the project or club is called if you like:


Clubs and projects mentioned were:

·         Guides/Scouts/cadets    9.69%

·         Sports/performing arts/music  11.63%

·         Young farmers     42.25%

·         Young Carers    4.65%

·         Forums and Youth Councils   2.71%

·         Youth Clubs   15.50%

·         The Urdd   1.16%

·         Uncategorised 12.41%

05. Do you know who runs it?



The council    34.75%



A charity      20.93%



A school       3.15%


Don’t know    25.31%



Other     15.86%


Wales Government Youth Private Company 
 National Yfc Local Church Organisation Communities First Club Parents Volunteers Centre










06. How would you rate it?



Poor    1.02%



OK     8.30%



Good   19.36%


Really good   27.51%



Excellent   43.81%


07. What sort of things do you do there?


Singing Wales Training Climbing Public Speaking Issues Football Support Learn Local Activities Fund Raising Games Arts and Crafts Sports Young People Friends Swimming Trips Fitness Lots Practice Play Pool Netball Food



08. Have there been changes in the project hours or activities?



The project is open more than it used to be / we do more activities  19.25%



No change in hours or activities    56.72%



The project is open less than it used to be / we do less activities  24.03%


Of those who said they don’t currently use a service, we asked:


09.  Have you ever used a youth service or project?


Yes    53.14%


No     46.86%



10. If yes - why don't you go anymore?


Too busy   21.96%



Don’t want to   26.75%


Service/project not open anymore   24.75%



Other   26.54%


Other answers included:

·         Boring   6.02%

·         Funding cut / centre closed   7.52%

·         Too old / lost interest  32.33%

·         Uncategorised   54.13%


11. If no - Why not?


Too busy  19.91%


Don’t want to  33.69%


Don't know about any projects near me   33.26%


Other  13.14%


Other answers included:

·         Closed down  9.68%

·         No free time/school work   4.84%

·         No projects near me   19.35%

·         Not interested  9.68%

·         Social issues (some felt intimidated, not enough of their friends went)  8.06%

·         Transport issues  6.45%

·         Uncategorised   41.94%


Of all those who responded, we asked:

12. Is there anything else you would like to tell us about youth services / projects?

(see quotes at the end)

Key themes were:

·         Closure and funding issues.  26.41%

·         Lack of information and publicity advertising services   4.45%

·         Not enough provision for older children/Young adults   3.56%

·         Rural/community aspect   8.30%

·         Support and counselling  1.19%

·         Positive aspects   26.41%

·         Negative aspects  13.06%

·         Uncategorised   16.62%

The lack of Welsh language provision did appear in replies but this was unquantifiable.


13. How old are you?


11 – 13     32.22%



14 – 17     49.92%



18 – 25     17.86%



14. What is your gender?


Male    53.53%



Female   43.09%


Prefer not to say  2.43%


If you prefer to use your own term, please outline below:   0.95%




Transgender / gender fluid


15. In which local authority do you live?


Blaenau Gwent  5.76%


Merthyr Tydfil   0.95%


Bridgend   8.93%


Monmouthshire  6.47%


Caerphilly 4.02%


Neath Port Talbot  1.03%


Cardiff  11.76%


Newport  4.42%


Carmarthenshire  2.21%


Pembrokeshire 4.82%


Ceredigion 1.26%


Powys  7.73%


Conwy 2.92%


Rhondda CT  2.68%


Denbighshire 2.92%


Swansea 2.05%


Flintshire 2.60%


Torfaen  14.76%


Gwynedd  2.84%


Vale of Glamorgan 2.21%


Isle of Anglesey 0.72%


Wrexham 6.94












Below are a selection the quotes from question 12


1.   I used to love going to youth club but pen-y-cae youth club closed and I miss it

2.   It's a shame that it's closed down as it kept children/kids off the streets

3.   Council cut all the funding and grants to our community club and we were told the community grants weren't available anymore either, so couldn't afford to run as much stuff. nobody asked us

4.   The club I used to go to has now been closed. It is annoying that the first thing to be cut are provisions for young people.

5.   Funding for youth services should be protected. WG should do more to ensure that money allocated for Youth Services is being spent effectively.

6.   I know that money was being cut which is sad because we really like our youth club. I also know that without that youth club the staff there wouldn't be youth workers because they started just like we did, people going to youth club who now work there and want to help us. Sometimes it seems like people there get better treated and get to do more fun stuff than we do too which isn't fair

7.   An inadequately funded youth service is demoralising both to staff members and young people. It also limits opportunities for YP to do new things.

8.   Youth services need to continue to be supported as much as possible by public money. The support and opportunities they provide to young people are invaluable.

9.   I think it should be open more than it is. They should get more money to do fun things with young people because it is expensive for parents to pay when they cant afford it. I like the youth centre because it is fun and a happy place

10.                 There should be more of them across wales. Need more money to grow more services - too many being cut by councils. Not all my friends can attend them as they live in the sticks. Youth workers are amazing and they really help us - they are life savers :)


11.                If I knew more information and location I would go

12.                There should be more and we should be made more aware of ones local to us


13.                lots of them are more aimed at younger children - there isnt anything for teenagers anymore

14.           Youth groups for 18+ year olds would be good. Also groups for us people with little confidence, an opportunity to meet others who feel similar


15.                There needs to be more available for young people in rural areas, not just urban areas. 

16.           not enough rural youth clubs or projects. I would need to get a bus either 7 miles in one direction or 11 miles in the other direction, but public transport finishes at 7pm, so I would need one of my parents to drive me and pick me up.

17.                It's a good place to go if there's nothing else for you to do and they help you with any problems you've got

18.                I feel like they are really good for people with fewer friends as it gives a chance to make friends

19.                Given me so much confidence, experiences and life skills that I would not have be able to gain anywhere else

20.                It is an absolutely wonderful opportunity for young people to boost their confidence, make friends and to develop their skills.

21.                the youth forum and the youth service are really important to us. they keep us off the streets and give us new opportunities to learn different things, learn new skills, meet new friends and develop as young people

22.                Our youth club has been around for years, my dad went to the same club I go to. Youth workers help kids understand things and help them do new things.

23.                The concept of Youth Clubs is outdated - young people need a safe space to spend their time with optional activities - NOT forced fun!

24.                They only attracts a certain 'type' of young people and therefore stops it appealing to others.

25.                Most youth services are based around fitness/sport and so there is less choice for those who prefer to do other things such as a debating society 

26.                I have Asperger's syndrome & found it difficult to go to youth club to start with. Mum wanted me to go because I always stay home after school. After a while I really enjoyed going & now that it's closed because of no funding I'm not going to have anywhere to go in the evenings. It was a really good youth club and the staff were very friendly and helpful. I was really sad that it closed.