P-04-399 Slaughter Practices. Correspondence – Petitioner to the Committee 05-08-2016


Dear Welsh Assembly Petitions Committee, 05/08/16

My Petition "Ban Unstunned Slaughter in Wales" approximately 2012, this i have to say on your part, is at least pathetic if not disgraceful.

Since you have received my Petition you have fudged and failed to address this issue and another Petition "CCTV in Welsh Abattoirs" with the EU, It strongly indicates the Welsh Assemblies Government has no power whatsoever to implement, either Petitions.

I hope now that Brexit is going to happen, your Government will start to act and behave like a Welsh Government doing what the Welsh signatories of my and another Petition signed for, make our Laws for our Animals at Slaughter, Poland and other Countries have Banned this way of Slaughter, time for our Welsh Government to stand up and be counted in favor of Animals due to be Slaughtered, even implement food labeling to show how the Animal was Slaughtered, either Kosher, Halal or Stunned Slaughtered....Most people Judge a Nation on how it treats all Animals....

Kind Regards

Royce Clifford