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Ymchwiliad i gynaliadwyedd y gweithlu iechyd a gofal cymdeithasol

Inquiry into the sustainability of the health and social care workforce

Ymateb gan: Association of Independent Healthcare Organisations

Response from: Association of Independent Healthcare Organisations



Priorities for the Health, Social Care and Sport Committee


Inquiry into the sustainability of the health and social care workforce.



WIHA (the Welsh Independent Healthcare Association) is the representative association of the majority of independent acute, mental health and learning disability hospitals/units in Wales.

WIHA is pleased to contribute to the Committee’s initial, broad piece of evidence-gathering to help understand what the key workforce issues are across the health and care sector. We recognise that planning around workforce issues is a critical consideration if Wales is to be able to provide prudent and efficient health services to its population in the decades ahead. WIHA was pleased to note that the Committee is obtaining evidence of the sustainability of the workforce.


·         Do we have an accurate picture of the current health and care workforce? Are there any data gaps?

o    There is a potential gap as current Independent Sector workforce data may not have been taken into account. The WIHA members submit annual workforce data projections to the workforce team at the Welsh Government and are represented on the wider stakeholder Strategic Education Development Group.

o    WIHA will be happy to submit more detailed aggregated workforce data and would welcome an opportunity to work with the Committee.


·         How well-equipped is the workforce to meet future health and care needs?

o    Independent Sector providers are carrying out their own workforce planning exercise and it is clear that the aging workforce is going to have a detrimental effect within health care within the next 5 to 10 years unless more student nurses are trained, specifically within the theatre environment.  The area which is experiencing continuous difficulty are theatres and this will continue unless attention is given to this specialised area.


WIHA has a constructive relationship with parts of the Welsh Government, in particular the Chief Nursing Officer, with whom we have twice yearly meetings. On the whole, the Welsh Government understands the contribution of independent mental health, learning disabilities and acute hospitals. However, WIHA has experienced some difficulties in engaging with certain sections of the Welsh Government in terms of workforce issues.




·         What are the factors that influence recruitment and retention of staff across Wales? This might include for example:

  1. the opportunities for young people to find out about/experience the range of NHS and social care careers;
  2. education and training (commissioning and/or delivery);
  3. pay and terms of employment/contract;

WIHA members already offer clinical placements to student nurses and allied health professionals and would welcome the opportunity to develop more places.

o   Independent hospitals also offer a range of education and career development opportunities for staff. The booklet Career Opportunities in Independent Hospitals, produced by the UK-wide Association of Independent Healthcare Organisations (AIHO) highlights these.


9 September 2016



For further information, contact:


Lene Gurney or Disa Young


Welsh Independent Healthcare Association

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