P-06-1242 Improve Endometriosis Healthcare in Wales


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Endometriosis devastates the lives of women and their families living in Wales with 1 in 10 suffering with the condition.

The cause of endometriosis is unknown, there is no cure, the average diagnosis time is currently 8.5 years and there’s a 6 year waiting list for treatment on the NHS.


The demonstrable lack of understanding of the condition is detrimentally impacting society at all levels. Funding therefore needs to be prioritised to ensure equality of healthcare in Wales.


Additional Information:

A report commissioned by the Welsh Government in 2018 highlighted how big a problem we’re facing with resources being wasted and harm currently being caused to individuals suffering with Endometriosis. Despite the findings showing impacts on healthcare, education, economic, financial and social levels within society, most recommendations haven’t been adopted, and in many areas things have instead worsened for sufferers of Endometriosis.


(Below is the link to this Government report - Endometriosis care in Wales: Provision, care pathway, workforce planning and quality and outcome measures.



Please sign this petition to help raise awareness of Endometriosis and encourage the Welsh Government to allocate the appropriate level of funding for this condition so we can take steps towards achieving equality of healthcare in Wales.


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