P-04-536 Stop Factory Dairy Farming in Wales      

Petition wording:


We call upon the National Assembly for Wales to urge the Welsh Government to update Planning Policy Wales and other relevant planning documents such as Technical Advice Note 6: Planning for Sustainable Rural Communities, to ensure that large scale indoor factory dairy farms are not created in the pursuit of short-term economic gain and to the possible detriment of many small-scale run farms. The recent approval of the farm in Welshpool, Powys cited paragraph 7.2.2 of Planning Policy Wales specifically in saying that it “…recognise(d) that there will be occasions when the economic benefits will outweigh social and environmental considerations.” and we believe this must be urgently reviewed since the possible creation of a small number of new jobs should not outweigh the long term economic benefits afforded by the plentiful, efficient and sustainable asset of grazing which many Welsh dairy farmers fully recognise.


Large scale indoor factory dairy farms are designed to keep cows indoors rather than out on pasture, and have been shown to increase environmental damage, impoverish local communities, can severely compromise good animal welfare and become a financial drain on their surroundings. We believe that following the Welsh Government’s decision to approve the farm in Welshpool, a review of planning legislation is of critical importance to ensure Wales fulfils its aspiration to become a truly sustainable country.


Petition raised by: World Society for the Protection of Animals


Date Petition first considered by Committee: 18 February 2014


Number of signatures:9246