Cross-Party Group Annual Report

3rd February 2016

Cross Party Group on Biodiversity

1.    Group membership and office holders.


Chair: Llyr Gruffydd AM

Members: Nick Ramsay AM, William Powell AM, Simon Thomas AM

Secretary: Wales Environment Link (WEL)

Other external members: None


2.    Previous Group Meetings since the last AGM.


Meeting  1

Meeting date:        Wednesday 11th March 2015, 12.15 - 1.30pm


Llyr Huws Gruffydd AM    CPG Chair

Jocelyn Davies AM             Assembly Member

Alun Ffred Jones AM         Assembly Member

Rosanna Raison                Researcher & Media Officer (William Powell AM)

Russel Hobson                 Butterfly Conservation/Chair, WEL Land Use and Biodiversity Group

Nigel Ajax-Lewis               Wildlife Trusts of South & West Wales

James Byrne                     Wildlife Trusts Wales

Raoul Bhambral                WEL

Clare Reed                       WEL / Marine Conservation Society



Summary of issues discussed:  The focus of the meeting was to have an open discussion to agree ideas for future meetings of the group, followed by the AGM of the Group.


Meeting  2

Meeting date:        Tuesday 9th June 2015, 12.15 - 1.15pm


Llyr Gruffydd AM             CPG Chair

William Powell AM             Assembly Member

Rosanna Raison                Researcher (William Powell AM)

Andy Fraser                     Head of Natural Resource Management, Welsh Government

Dai Harris                        Welsh Government

Katy Orford                     Assembly Research Service

Iwan Ball                          WWF Cymru

Annie Smith                     RSPB Cymru

Llinos Price                      RSPB Cymru

Peter Jones                      RSPB Cymru

Steve Lucas                      Bat Conservation Trust

Natalie Buttriss                Vincent Wildlife Trust

Lorna Scurlock                 Marine Conservation Society/WEL

Damian Assinder              Llais y Goedwig

Scott Fryer                       Wildlife Trusts Wales

James Byrne                     Wildlife Trusts Wales

Andy Myles                      Scottish Environment Link


Summary of issues discussed: Presentation from Andy Myles, Scottish Environment Link, on their approach to engaging MSPs in biodiversity issues, followed by a discussion of potential future legislation for biodiversity in Wales after the Environment Bill.

Meeting  3

Meeting date:        Wednesday 21st October 2015, 12.15 - 1.15pm



Llyr Huws Gruffydd AM    CPG Chair

Alun Ffred Jones               Assembly Member

Nia Seaton                       Research Service

Andrew Minnis                 Research Service

Gareth Price                    Enterprise and Business Committee Clerk

Rosanna Raison                Researcher, William Powell AM

Rachel Sharp                    Wildlife Trusts Wales

Scott Fryer                       Wales Environment Link / Wildlife Trusts Wales

Gill Bell                            Wales Environment Link / Marine Conservation Society

Lorna Scurlock                  Wales Environment Link / Marine Conservation Society

Gareth Cunningham          Wales Environment Link / RSPB

Karen Whitfield                 Wales Environment Link

Russel Hobson                 Butterfly Conservation Wales

Alison Palmer-Hargraves    European Marine Site Officer

Blaise Bullimore                European Marine Site Officer

Sue Burton                       European Marine Site Officer


Summary of issues discussed: Presentations were given on proposed new European Marine Sites in Wales, the Scottish Marine Protected Area (MPA) process and the development of the Welsh Government’s National Marine Plan. A discussion followed which focused on priorities in terms of taking forward MPAs and the Marine Plan.


  1. Professional lobbyists, voluntary organisations and charities with whom the Group has met during the preceding year.


The group has not met with any professional lobbyists, voluntary organisations or charities outside of the Cross Party Group meetings.



Annual Financial Statement.

3 February 2016

Cross Party Group on Biodiversity

Chair: Llyr Gruffydd AM

Secretariat: Karen Whitfield, Wales Environment Link

Group’s Expenses.




Costs of all goods.


No goods purchased.


Benefits received by the group or individual Members from outside bodies.


No benefits received.


Any secretariat or other support.


No financial support received.

Secretariat provided by Wales Environment Link


Services provided to the Group such as hospitality.


All refreshments paid for by Wales Environment Link.



Description and name of provider



11 March 2015

9 June 2015

21 October 2015

Beverages and welshcakes

Beverages and welshcakes

Beverages, sandwiches and welshcakes




Total cost