David Rees AM

Chair, Health & Social Care Committee

Legislation Office

National Assembly for Wales

Cardiff Bay

CF99 1NA

18 November 2015


Dear Chair,

Thank you for the opportunity to provide written evidence to the Health and Social Care Committee in advance of my attendance on 20 Jan 2016. Please find this enclosed.

Residential Care

Because of the breadth and complexity of the range of issues, I have grouped comments within my response using the Quality of Life Model that prefaced my Review and links directly to key recommendation 7 of the Committee’s own Inquiry in Residential Care.

This provides an outcomes-based framework against which to form an assurance level and judge the impact of work underway. This will also be the overarching framework I use for my follow-up Review. In order to maintain a sharp focus, I have concentrated on those areas of highest impact.

My future work in relation to regulated care services in Wales

Please see the point below relating to my priorities for the next 12 months. I will be interested to hear the views of the committee in respect of their own work programme, recognising that this will now be under the next government, to continue to build on the effective working relationship we have between us as scrutiny bodies.

Early findings from my dementia research

I am currently in the process of reviewing the findings of this research, which I anticipate will be published in March 2016.

My priorities for the next 12 months

I am currently awaiting the outcome of the public consultation into the proposal to give the First Minister powers to extend my term of office. I do not yet know when I will be advised on the outcome of this or the First Minister’s intent. If the outcome is to extend my term of office, then I will publish, shortly afterwards, a programme of work that will underpin what will be my final two years as Commissioner.

Notwithstanding this, it is my intention to grow my work around making empowering older people and making rights real for them, protecting and safeguarding those who are vulnerable or at risk of harm and ensuring that older people can access the services and support they need to help them to age well.

I will continue to build upon the strong partnerships that I have built over the past three and a half years, but I will also use my formal scrutiny powers where I consider these to be the most effective mechanism to drive change.

Should you require anything further before my evidence session in January, please do not hesitate to contact my office.

Yours sincerely,



Sarah Rochira

Older People’s Commissioner for Wales