P-04-655 – Demanding our Rights for the Welsh Language in the Private Sector

This petition was submitted by Cymdeithas yr Iaith and collected 442 signatures online


Text of the petition

We call upon the National Assembly to insist that the Welsh Government ensures that all private and voluntary sectors that come within the scope of the Welsh Language Measure 2011 offer enhanced Welsh-language services by collaborating with the Welsh Language Commissioner to introduce regulations to the National Assembly prior to the 2016 Assembly election or at the earliest possible opportunity. 


Hundreds of thousands of people in Wales are being deprived of basic Welsh-language services every day by a large number of organisations, such as telephone, broadband, energy and transport companies. This totally unnecessary injustice occurs because the Welsh Government and the Welsh Language Commissioner have not fully implemented the powers that they have under the Welsh Language Measure, which was unanimously passed by the Assembly almost five years ago. The Welsh Government and the Welsh Language Commissioner are, therefore, hampering the democratic will of the people of Wales.


Furthermore, we believe that the Welsh Language Measure should be amended in order to speed up and simplify the process of imposing Welsh-language Standards on organisations and companies, establishing general rights for the Welsh language and extending the scope of the Measure to cover the remainder of the private sector, including supermarkets and banks.

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