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P-04-359 Problems with the NHS For The Deaf

Petition wording:

We the undersigned call on the National Assembly for Wales to urge the Welsh Government to provide a better service for the hearing impaired (H.I.) in the NHS.

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Petition raised by: Lisa Catherine Winnett

Date petition first considered by Committee: 10 January 2012

Number of signatures:68

Supporting Information:
If a deaf person wished to contact their GP surgery to book an appointment, they are unable to do so, as Doctors surgery’s don’t have a mobile phone text service (Most H.I. don’t use text phone, they use mobile phone). When they receive a letter from the Health Board asking them to telephone to book and appointment with a specialist, they are unable to as there are no facilities for them. When attending a hospital appointment, there is no loop system service for them, so that they can hear and answer questions. They say that they can arrange a translator. We have tried accessing this service to no avail. When in hospitals and Doctors’ surgeries, H.I. people cannot hear when called, as there are no viewing boards for them to read that they can now go into the Doctors room. Staff 99.99% of the time never speak to the H.I. patient, they always speak to the translator. Lack of Deaf awareness is a problem. As sign language is an H.I. person’s 1st language, English is a foreign language, and a H.I. persons English is very layman’s. By implementing these changes, it would help with NHS targets, for example lower consultation times, correct diagnosis, saving repeated consultation time. It would help the H.I. with their independence, give them privacy when talking to a Doctor or Nurse. Banks and Post Offices have these services, so why doesn’t the NHS have them.