Annex A: Consultation questions



Bethan Jones Edwards

Are you responding as an individual or on behalf of an organisation?

North Wales Social Services Improvement Collaborative

Organisation (and role if applicable):



Question 1

Thinking about the past five years, in your view:


-      to what extent has the Health and Social Care Committee had an impact on health and social care in Wales?

From a social services point of view it is felt that the focus of the work of the Committee has been predominantly services which are health.  The only areas on which we are sighted that relates specifically to social care is ‘residential care’ and the Social Services and Well-Being (Wales) Act although some of the other work of the committee led by health which would impact social care services.





Text Box: Improve the communication flows to/and from the committee linking with ADSS and regional collaboratives




Funding to health and social care – funding to social care has reduced, health has received additional funding however, this is not invested in primary, community and social care services and is consumed in the acute services which prevents community based solutions being enhanced or developed appropriately but we appreciate that WG grants e.g ICF has enabled some of this however, more needs to be achieved


Barriers and challenges to joint working and developing integrated services and partnerships (as per Part 9 of Act)


Implementation of the Social Services and Well-Being (Wales) Act.  Ensuring that Partners to the delivery of the Act are aware of their responsibilities and carry these out to ensure compliance. 


Looking ahead to the next five years, in your view what will be the three biggest challenges for health and social care in Wales?





Question 2