P-04-511 Support for children and young people participation standards

Petition wording:

We call upon the National Assembly for Wales to urge the Welsh Government to provide support for the National Children and Young People’s Participation Standards for Wales self-assessment process.


Additional Information:

The Participation standards were launched in 2007 after being developed by the Participation Unit. There are seven participation standards which are Information, It’s your choice, No Discrimination, Respect, You get something out of it, Feedback and Improving how we work. The participation unit then developed a national standards kite - mark scheme based around the standards. The aim of the kite-mark was that the organisations would complete a self assessment and once it was complete a team of young inspectors would come and inspect the evidence the organisation had to see if they were up to the national standards. If they were seen as achieving they would be awarded the National Participation Standards Kit-mark. However the participation unit now no longer exists which means that’s any organisation which does a self assessment now can only achieve a county level kite-mark which means that there is no national recognition and also there is no team co-coordinating the young inspectors.


Petition raised by:Powys Youth Forum


Date petition first considered by Committee: 11 November 2013


Number of signatures: 39