P-04-539 Save Cardiff Coal Exchange – Correspondence from Save the Coal Exchange to Bethan Jenkins AM, 18.08.15


From: Ian Hill
Sent: 18 August 2015 15:38
To: Jenkins, Bethan (Assembly Member)
Subject: The Coal Exchange


Hi Bethan,

I have just received the following from Jon Avent of Mann Williams, after Save The Coal Exchange commissioned a structural survey of the hall and foyer of the Exchange. The full report will be with us in about 10 days.

"We are satisfied that the roof structure is currently stable and does not pose a safety risk to persons within the hall.

There are a very small number of cracked panes of glass noted (3), but the fractures are long standing and the units are wired glazing so there is no adverse risk to safety.

It is noted that there is currently missing ceiling tiles at the east end of the hall, and these should be replaced.

There is evidence of some ongoing water ingress, and this is causing some damage to finishes, rather than causing any significant structural safety concern.

In a similar manner to the front elevation we will be recommending that an appropriate management regime is put in place to review on a monthly basis to ensure that there is no adverse progression of deterioration.  We will be happy to do this at the same time as our monthly inspection of the south/entrance elevations.

In conclusion we are happy for persons to enter the main hall following replacement of loose/missing ceiling tiles."

Mann Williams 

Consulting Civil & Structural Engineers
Best Wishes
Ian Hill