P-04-632 Mynyddoedd Pawb

Petition wording

We call on the National Assembly for Wales to encourage the Welsh Government to persuade bodies and organisations to protect and respect our wealth of place names in order to:

1) stimulate respect and interest in the Welsh language and to secure and increase the use of it.

2) increase the sense of identity among local communities by sharing the wealth of our cultural heritage with others.

3) engage the interest and awareness of visitors of the richness of our local heritage and thereby bring educational and economic benefits to areas.

This could be achieved through:

•working with outdoor centres in order to raise their awareness of traditional indigenous place names, and in order to support them to use Welsh place names in their day to day work.

•highlight the richness of our place names in terms of our cultural heritage, and what they can communicate through the teaching of history, geography, mythology and historical land use in our country.

•persuade the Welsh Government to bring traditional and long standing place names under planning control.

(A written petition is running concurrently.)


Additional Information

We are of the view that that awareness should be raised of the importance of protection of Welsh place names, and that institutions and voluntary associations at local, regional and national levels have a key role in this.

Also, schools should ensure that children and young people have the opportunity to appreciate the richness of Welsh place names as part of their national heritage.

We believe that place names and the heritage and history associated with them, should be an integral part of environmental studies courses in further and higher education and outdoor pursuits courses run by other bodies. Training organisations, centres and clubs involved in mountaineering and outdoor activities should be encouraged to use Welsh place names.

We ask the National Assembly to stress the importance of all this to the Welsh Government, so that they can persuade local authorities, Natural Resources Wales, the National Trust, the National Park Authorities and other bodies in the statutory, voluntary, public and private sectors to take appropriate steps to safeguard Welsh place names.


Lead petitioner: Mynyddoedd Pawb

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Number of signatures: 1,026