Health and Social Care Committee

Inquiry into residential care for older people

RC6 – Monmouthshire County Council


"Working with the citizens of Monmouthshire"   


                                                                        Date:/Dyddiad: 24th November 2011

                                                                        Contact:/Cysylltiad:  Ceri York

Committee Clerk                                          Tel.: 01291638921

Health and Social Care Committee,

National Assembly for Wales,                  

Cardiff Bay,

CF99 1NA.


Dear Sir/Madam


Inquiry Into Residential Care for Older People


This inquiry into the provision of residential care for older people is very much welcome; significant changes have been seen across older peoples’ social care services in recent years including; re-ablement, extra care housing and most recently the Frailty Programme, consideration of the future role of residential care needs to be given in the context of this new landscape.


At both a local and national level the focus is very much on supporting older people to remain as independent as possible, living within their own homes and communities. However it is also acknowledged for some older people this will not be the most appropriate outcome and their needs require meeting in a residential setting. Exploring the reasons why older people chose residential care, understanding their experiences of living in care and their expectations and aspirations should fundamentally shape the future development of residential care.


It would be helpful if the inquiries terms of reference included not just the process by which people came into residential care but also the reasons: why they chose it ? what would have enabled them to stay in their own home ? has the reality of residential care lived up to their original expectations ? did they feel under any pressure from family, health or social care professional to choose residential care ?


Exploring the role, effectiveness and efficacy of the current regulatory and inspection regime in supporting the delivery of high quality residential care is essential, as is scrutinising what impact the recent introduction of Section 7 guidance in respect of the escalating concerns process.


Thank you for this opportunity to comment on the committee’s inquiry and if you have any queries please contact me on the above telephone number.


Yours faithfully

Ceri York

Group Manager Service Delivery and Development.