Health and Social Care Committee


Inquiry into residential care for older people


RC3 – National Association Of Old Age Pensioners of Wales



The National Association Of Old Age Pensioners of Wales(NOAPAW) was formed in the late 30s to assist Pensioners to form clubs to  which organise social activities and to promote improvements in the quality of life of elderly people.


In its broadest context Residential Care can encompass people who are being cared for in either Public or Private Care Homes as well as that group of people receiving care in their own homes.

Whilst care  in public or private homes are subject to Government licensing and the provision of an adequately trained staff. The scenario facing individuals in receipt of care within their own homes presents a different challenge.

Whilst nursing care and nutritional support can be organised it must be remembered that such individuals, may in many cases face prolonged periods of total isolation. The impact of such levels of loneliness will have detrimental affects on the health of the client.

To overcome such factors, there must be adequate provision of Day Centres. Thought must also be given to support  and develop an adequately trained and supervised Befriending Service. It is likely that most of such a service could only be provided with the aid of the voluntary sector.