Annex B: Guidance for witnesses providing written evidence for committees


The Committee welcomes evidence from both individuals and organisations.  If you are responding on behalf of an organisation, please provide a brief description of the role of your organisation.


Generally, we ask for submissions to be made in writing, because it is normal practice for the National Assembly to publish evidence provided to a Committee on our internet site so that it becomes part of the public record.  However, we are also able to accept evidence in audio or video format. The Committee welcomes contributions in English or Welsh, and we ask organisations with Welsh Language policies/schemes to provide bilingual responses, where applicable, in line with their public information policies.


The Assembly is committed to providing accessible information to the widest audience possible. This short guide is to assist witnesses who produce written information for committees. This will enable the Assembly to provide information submitted by third parties in an accessible manner.

-     Use plain English and plain Welsh – avoid unnecessary jargon

-     Use a minimum of font size 12

-     A clear sans serif typeface, such as Lucida Sans

-     Do not have writing over graphics, pictures or watermarks

-     Colours and contrast - writing should have maximum contrast to the background: dark on light, light on dark

-     Do not use block capitals, and minimise use of bold, underlining and italics


Where possible, information should be provided in Microsoft Word to ensure accessibility. Where a scan or pdf is provided, particularly in the case of signed letters or tables of information, the original Word document should be provided along with it.