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Task and Finish Group on the future outlook for the media in Wales


Response from Pinkspiration


Paper for responding to Media Forum


Pinkspiration is unique enterprise that will help inspire women, men and young people who would like to go into business or set up an innovative project in their community. Experience of working with over 120 community groups/employer organisations.


Current State of the Media and how new technologies are impacting:

·         New technologies mean that people can create their own online tv channels for very little, making competition strong and production costs low. This is a great opportunity for people within communities, but also for Broadcasters to link with emerging media/education groups. Pinkspiration is filming our community programmes on a weekly basis and aiming to launch at a Red Carpet Film Premiere called ‘Think Big Cymru’ next March.

·         The knowledge transfer to communities of how to use social media in a positive way is important and funding to support this would be helpful.

·         Media training to up skill people is important and support from the broadcasters would be helpful in removing barriers.

·         The creation of media hubs to access broadband and implemented quickly would encourage business/economy to grow faster.  In countries such as China this technology is at peoples fingertips.


Priorities from a Welsh Perspective


Promote Wales as a flexible place to live and work, establishing role models in business/entrepreneurs through the media.  Create space for micro/smaller companies & enterprise to work on new and innovative programme ideas to broadcast.  Sustainable model through contracting services out locally aiming to help young people back into employment. Pinkspiration thrives on ensuring that the business model is focused around innovation and helping the community, Pinkspiration would happily pilot a joint project with Welsh Government and other partners.


Concerns about future of welsh broadcast and print media


·         The Media can play a positive role in helping to boost the UK out of recession through covering good local news stories at the end of news programmes- What’s happening in your area? Good News -2 minutes may encourage more people to get involved in helping to inspire people.  Raise aspirations, build confidence, boost morale.

·         Through consulting with people there is concern by partners and young people about the content of bad news and how difficult it is to get reporters to cover good local stories. Whilst an accurate story is needed, the balance needs to be addressed. This is an issue that the public are raising time and time again, although the broadcasters are still in denial that there is an issue.

·         Little community involvement in many areas and there is a disconnect and a revitalization of the media needs to take place and quickly re-engage communities. Whilst realizing budgets are being cut, this investment needs to happen quickly for local TV/Programmes. Pinkspiration is working on an education reality TV Programme called Design Factor( like 60 min makeover/DIY SOS on a budget, also offering business skills and transforming community spaces, helping groups to turn into social enterprises, similar to Village SOS encouraging young people back into employment, women in business/construction). After receiving a letter from Number 10, Prime Minister this would fit with Big Society. 


The future for new media business models:


Personally I like the Big Idea of local television and a concept I am developing is a community online TV Channel called  - This will be showcasing community programmes and we are seeking funding to set this up, recently met with University of Glamorgan/Cardiff & Vale College about Joint Venture. This is a social enterprise model and innovative approach to encourage young people into meaningful employment or training. (Potential for this project to be supported by Welsh Government as Flagship pilot, linking with a key partners)


Communications Bill-


Economic Growth- This can start with positive news stories about what people are doing to help their local communities. I am working with a group of volunteers in Newport who are transforming a community space and turning it into a Garden City Café as a social enterprise, which will be launched early next year. The volunteers have been involved as part of the design, getting contractors involved, taking part in business tasters and they will be helping to refurbish the café with construction professionals on site and running it as their own business. (Increase these types of stories info recently sent to WME which was not published)


Fair Expression: Aim to invite local people to gain media training and be interviewed and feature in programmes/news.  Develop local Welsh talent in the media. I would be delighted to get involved with the Creative Industries Board and bring my expertise as I am involved with several professional bodies including CIM, IWA, WES, RSA.


Quotes from People “the media sensationalizes bad news”. “Speak to communities about what they would like in the media” “ the media never advertise any good stories”, “headlines down grade people’s professional roles and this leaves people feeling under valued”. “Be aware of how Welsh people are portrayed in the media, in order to attract new business to Wales”

“Support from the media for communities to grow would be good”.  “too much emphasis on celebrity culture, rather than real people, celeb fees, too high”

“The BBC has great radio stations, but too many just have 3 main stations” 


“Newspapers limited, local papers stuck in the same mould as 20 years ago.  More features than news, speed with new technology and the population are getting news a lot quicker through internet- live news at is happens”.


“Power shift is changing and people in communities are sensitively aware of Big Corporations”

“Reality TV is not for some people, although features such as Village SOS is liked because it is real and offering positive solutions to help people/communities”


“BBC are very good with programmes such as Newsnight, Week in Week out”     “BBC still seen as the most accurate source of news”


“Press can be very quick to judge and form views, which needs to be considered and peoples human rights need to be taken into account”


Lisa Maria Brown