P-04-639  Save Further Education in Powys

Petition wording:

We call on the National Assembly for Wales to urge the Welsh Government to reconsider the funding cuts that have been made to the NPTC group of colleges and to ensure that the educational futures of the students are safe.

We are students in NPTC Group, Newtown Campus. The Welsh Government have given NPTC group of colleges 12% less money for the next academic year, which equates to approximately £4 million. This means we have lost 50% of our part time courses and 80% of staff have been made redundant. This also means that the teaching we receive on a full-time course will be cut by 50 hours putting strain on the students and the staff. Many of our students depend on college to keep them going and without it we would have little hope and opportunities for the future. The mature students would have to pay an estimate of £400 to attend college which provides a great future for them rather than relying on the benefit system. These cuts are going to make it impossible for some people to make a future for themselves.

Additional Information

In Powys there aren't many job opportunities, and going to college provides the knowledge, skills and experience needed to get a job or progress to university. A levels are not suitable for everyone. We need plumbers, hairdressers, carers, bricklayers etc to ensure the economy of Mid Wales is sustainable and can grow. We need your help to ensure our futures and yours.

Petition raised by: NPTC Group Students

Date petition first considered by Committee: 16 June 2015

Number of signatures:1,673  Online signatures