P-04-565 Revive disused railway lines for leisure

Petition wording:


The Welsh Government should look turning the hundreds of miles of disused railway lines (axed under Beeching) into high quality cycle/walk ways.The lines cover the whole of Wales and this scheme would: encourage healthy activities and lifestyle; provide a safe way to travel for those who want a green alternative; provide safe cycling for children and encourage use for going to school, clubs etc; reduce traffic on our roads;  boost Welsh tourism especially by cyclists and walkers; enable the establishment of a vast number of varied, small businesses along the routes - shops, B&B etc. Rural areas will benefit. The potential good for the health of the population of Wales and its economy is unlimited and the return in this investment can be understood before it even starts.


Petition raised by: Albert Fox


Date Petition first considered by Committee: 17 June 2014


Number of signatures : 14