Cross-Party Group Annual Report.


Cross Party Group on Monetary Reform

Group membership and office holders:

Darren Millar (Chair)

Russell George

Janet Finch-Saunders

Julie Morgan (Member)

Eluned Parrott (Member)

Justin Lilley (Positive Money/Arian Cymru)

Rhian Marie Thomas (Barclaycard)

Meirion Morgan (Gorwel)

John Waters (Robert Owen Community Banking Fund)

Akmal Hanuk] (Islamic Banking Finance Centre)

Ben Dyson (Positive Money)

Fran Boait (Positive Money)


Previous Group Meetings since the last AGM.

Meeting 1.

Meeting date:        23/09/2014


John Waters - Robert Owen Community Banking Fund

Josh Miles - Federation of Sma ll Business

Rachel Bowen - Federation of Small Business

Sarah Freeman - Tai Calon Housing Association

Martin Price - Independent

Jane Taylor - Positive News

Vicky Moller - EcoCymru

Gruffydd Meredith - Arian Cymru

Daniel Batten - Inependent

Bob Gronow - Nantymoel Credit Union

Indyren Yagambrun -Triumph Legal

Michelle Davies - Cardiff Pound

Claire Smith - Wales Co-operative Centre

Dean Coombes - Awesome Cardiff

Gary McCulock - Independent

Christopher Stoodley - Independent

Summary of issues discussed:

Sustainability and Austerity are the big policy challenges of our time. Doing more with less connects the two agendas when money is scarce.  New 'complementary' currencies - Bitcoin at the international level, Bristol Pound at the regional level and LETS or Time Banks at the local level - show the possibilities of creating other currencies. But none of these approaches is a total solution. In fact, it's not primarily about currency. It's really about the unmet needs and underused resources hidden deep in our communities.  John has a Big Idea to create more sustainable economies at the local level.

Meeting 2.

Meeting date 24/06/2014


Richard Essex - Regeneration Wales

Richard Kite - Retired

Pippa Bartolotti - Green Party in Wales

John Waters- ROCBF

Akmal Hanuk -

Richard Prior - JLTPensions

Anthony Slaughter - Green Party in Wales

Jane Taylor - Positive News

Bob Gronow    - Independent

Parag Patel- Funding Empire     

Justin Lilley - Arian Cymru

Indyren Yagambrun - BGlobal PR

Neil Turner - Independent

Harry White - Retired

Daniel Batten - Independent

Dean Coombes - Awesome Cardiff

Jeremy Miles- Bevan Foundation  

Jeanette Reis - Cynnal Cymru

Rhodri Thomas        - Cynnal Cymru

Alex Bird - Wales Co-operative Council

Gruffydd Meredith - Sovereign Wales

Chris Groves   - Cardiff Unversity

Mark Hooper - Indy Cube

Nicholas Clifton - Cardiff Metropolitan

Chris Kenvin   -  Peak Consultants

Rita Singh - Cynnal Cymru

Ramon Corria - Cardiff Trades Council

Summary of things discussed

Currently, public sector financial support in Wales seems to be fragmented and more relevantly, Finance Wales - the organisation tasked with providing debt and equity finance to SMEs - is not specifically focused on developing the Welsh economy and has been charging SMEs considerably higher rates than required under EU regulations.

Therefore, the Welsh Government needs to develop an approach, as found in countries such as Canada, where public funding for SMEs is affordable, focused on economic development, is supplemented by business support and is oriented towards the needs of the business customer.

It is also critical that the public sector does not displace the private sector but works alongside the banks, venture capital firms and other stakeholders to address a market failure in the provision of finance to SMEs.

Professional lobbyists, voluntary organisations and charities with whom the Group has met during the preceding year.

Barnardo’s Cymru.

Trident Court

E Moors Rd


CF24 5TD


Deryn Consulting Ltd
1 Caspian Point
Cardiff Bay

CF10 4DQ



Diane Englehardt House
Treglown Court

Dowlais Road
CF24 5LQ

Positif Politics

104-105 Bute Street


CF10 5AD



Annual Financial Statement.


Cross Party Group on Monetary Reform

Darren Millar - Chair

Justin Lilley, Arian Cymru - Secretary

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All refreshments paid for by Arian Cymru.


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