Cross-Party Group Annual Report.

March 2015

Cross Party Group on Biodiversity

1.    Group membership and office holders.


Chair: Llyr Gruffydd AM

Members: Nick Ramsay AM, William Powell AM, Simon Thomas AM

Secretary: Russel Hobson

Other external members: None


2.    Previous Group Meetings since the last AGM.


Meeting  1.

Meeting date:        26 Nov 2014

Attendees:             Job titles not collected at the time

WEL speakers

Iwan Ball (WWF)


External Speakers

Graham Rees (Welsh Government Marine)


WEL members

Raoul Bhambral (WEL)

Scott Fryer (Wildlife Trusts Wales / WEL)

Clare Reed (Marine Conservation Society / WEL)

Gareth Cunningham (RSPB / WEL)



Llyr Gruffydd (Chair)

Russell George

Janet Finch-Saunders

Alun Ffred Jones


AM Support

Nia Seaton (Members Research Service)

Katy Orford (Members Research Service)

Alex Philips (William Powell)

Nick Wall (Mick Antoniw)



Jim Evans (Welsh Fisherman’s Association)

Lucy Taylor (Severn Estuary Partnership)

Colin Davies (Calen Films)

Dan Crook (CSP)

Trevor Jones (Bangor Mussel Producers Ltd)



Summary of issues discussed: Marine theme

Introduction to WEL’s Marine Working Group, Marine Strategy Framework Directive, Marine Protected Areas and support from business.


Meeting  2.

Meeting date:        18 Feb 2014 (First AGM)

Attendees:             Job titles not collected at the time

WEL speakers

Russel Hobson (Butterfly Conservation Trust)

James Byrne (Wildlife Trusts Wales)


External Speakers

Sinead Lynch (Bumblebee conservation Trust)

Roger Mathias + Rowan Flindall-Shayle (Farm Advisors)


WEL members

Raoul Bhambral (WEL)

Sue Evans (WEL)

Karen Whitfield (WEL)

Nigel Ajax-Lewis (Wildlife Trusts SW Wales)

Jon Cryer (RSPB)

Laura Cropper (RSPB)

Andrew Whitehouse (Buglife)

Jerry Langford (Woodland Trust)

Angharad Evans (Woodland Trust)



Nick Ramsay (Chair)

Llyr Gruffydd

Russell George


AM Support

Lisa Laird (rep David Melding)

Catrin Davies (Plaid Researcher)



Caryn Le Roux (DESD – LNFM)

Rhian Jayne Power (rep Rob Halford, WEFO)

Chris Lea (NRF – Environment)

Siobhan Wiltshire (Planning)

Matthew Sayer (Senior Policy Advisor, CSA for Wales)


Clive Hurford (Conservation)


Alan Michie (Chair, Bee-friendly Monmouthshire)

Lucie Taylor (Community Land Advisory Service)



Summary of issues discussed: Pollinators theme

Threats to and opportunities for pollinators, Pollinator Action Plan, farming with wildlife


  1. Professional lobbyists, voluntary organisations and charities with whom the Group has met during the preceding year.




Annual Financial Statement.

March 2015

Cross Party Group on Biodiversity

Chair: Llyr Gruffydd AM

Secretary: Russel Hobson

Group’s Expenses.




Costs of all goods.


No goods purchased.


Benefits received by the group or individual Members from outside bodies.


No benefits received.


Any secretariat or other support.


No financial support received.

Secretariat provided by Wales Environment Link


Services provided to the Group such as hospitality.


All refreshments paid for by WEL.



Description and name of provider



26 Nov 2014

18 Feb 2014

Beverages and sandwiches

Beverages and welshcakes



Total cost