Cross-Party Group Annual Report.

4th February 2015

Cross Party Group on Rail

1. Group membership and office holders.


Mick Antoniw, Chair

Jon Antoniazzi, Secretary (Positif Politics)

Byron Davies

Jocelyn Davies

Eluned Parrott


2. Previous Group Meetings since the last AGM.


Meeting 1.


Meeting date:        4th Feb 2015

Attendees:             Aled Roberts

                             Lesley Griffiths

                             Keith Davies

                             Anne Jones

                             Mark Isherwood

                             Llyr Griffiths

                             Darren Miller

                             Antoinette Sandbach



Summary of issues discussed: Presentation by Rebecca Maxwell and Dilwyn Roberts taking about partnership work that is currently taking place between North Wales and the North West of England to achieve modernisation of the rail network in North Wales.


3. Professional lobbyists, voluntary organisations and charities with whom the Group has met during the preceding year.




Annual Financial Statement.

4th Feb 2015

Cross Party Group on Rail

Mick Antoniw, Chair

No financial contribution towards the cost of the meeting has been made or received.

Group’s Expenses.




Costs of all goods.


No goods purchased.


Benefits received by the group or individual Members from outside bodies.


No benefits received.


Any secretariat or other support.


No financial support received.


Services provided to the Group such as hospitality.



Description and name of provider






Total cost