To: William Graham AM, Chair, Enterprise and Business Committee

CC: Dr Siân Phipps, Clerk, Enterprise and Business Committee,

Rachel Jones, Deputy Clerk, Enterprise and Business Committee


Re: Committee Inquiry on Employment opportunities for people over 50

3rd March 2015

Dear           Chair,

Following your evidence session with CollegesWales and WEA Cymru last week (25th February)[1], I would like to clarify one issue regarding the development of an Older People’s Skills Strategy. Colleagues from CollegesWales and WEA Cymru mentioned that I would be developing and producing a Skills Strategy for Older People, in the context of Ageing Well in Wales. To clarify, the development of an Older People’s Skills Strategy is a Welsh Government commitment and stated in its Strategy for Older People 2013-23 (P20)[2]. It would be beneficial to align this Strategy with Ageing Well in Wales.

As I mention in my written evidence[3], the document has yet to be published and I would welcome an update from the Welsh Government on its development. I would welcome the opportunity to contribute to the much-needed Skills Strategy and recognise its value and contribution to the aims and outcomes of Ageing Well in Wales, particularly the Opportunities for Learning and Employment priority theme.  

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Sarah Rochira                                                                                                Older People’s Commissioner for Wales