Good Evening,

I have one opinion for the consultation stage of the Planning (Wales) Bill.  Mechanisms need to be in place from Welsh Government to ensure that Local Authorities ACT on their planning strategies not just write them.  For example, Flintshire commissioned a Survey into open space provision in 2007, this was followed up by a green space framework strategy in 2013.  Both highlighted areas where sports field provisions were desperately lacking and set targets to achieve based on NPFA Minimum Standards, and yet, an amateur football club in 2014 without a home in the town of Flint still can't locate who in the council is RESPONSIBLE FOR IMPLEMENTATION.  KPI's need to be set based on planning strategies and funding withheld if they are not met.  The current system is entirely redundant.  The survey and the strategy documents are both completely impotent as the obligation for the LA went no further than to write documents they never had any intention on implementing.


Gareth Young