P-04-500 Call For Regulation of Animal Welfare Establishments in Wales

Petition wording:

We the undersigned, call on the National Assembly for Wales to urge the Welsh Government to regulate Animal Welfare Establishments and legislate for compulsory requirements be met by all animal rescue establishments in line with the report produced by the AWNW Animal Welfare Establishments Working Group October 2012. The Welsh Government need to put in place legislation for Wales under the Animal Welfare Act(2006), to protect animals from neglect and abuse.

Additional Info:
More and more animals are suffering abuse, neglect and are being bred from in unregulated establishment who advertise as a Rescue Center, and we call upon the Welsh Assembly to legislate under the Animal Act 2006 to try and stop this from continuing.


Petition raised by:  Lisa Winnett


Date petition first considered by Committee: 24 September 2013


Number of signatures: 265