P-04-541 Support for the Mentrau Iaith (Language Initiatives)    

Petition wording:


We call on the Assembly to ask the Welsh Government:


to congratulate the Mentrau Iaith for their innovative work in promoting the use of the Welsh language across Wales;


to confirm that the Mentrau are a key partner for the Government in the context of implementing its Welsh-language strategy;


to provide a prompt response to Cardiff University’s survey of the Mentrau’r work, ensuring that the funding that is given to them is a fair reflection of the scale of the task that they face – while accepting that the amount of money that is available to them needs to be increased substantially;


to accept that there is a need for consistency between the Mentrau in terms of funding and that the current inconsistency needs to be addressed;


to fund Mentrau Iaith Cymru fairly, ensuring that it can play a full role in co-ordinating the work of the Mentrau and providing them with assistance and guidance;


to ensure that the Welsh-language standards compel Welsh local authorities to support the work of the Mentrau and to ensure that the authorities work closely with the Mentrau;


to play a full role in providing strategic guidance in the context of community planning.


Petition raised by: Heini Gruffudd


Date Petition first considered by Committee: 29 April 2014


Number of signatures:1346