P-04-557 Valuation Tribunal Service – Correspondence from the Petitioner to the Committee, 12.09.14

Given it appears that the recommendations of the first report of the AJTC chaired by Sir Adrian Webb in 2010 on the various Tribunal Services have been implemented it is hoped that the reasons for the petition have been addressed.

John Griffiths, Counsel General is reported to have said on the 27 April 2010 that the report contained 21 "Core" and "Other" recommendations and that "acceptance of all these would imply a programme of work over 2-3 years". It therefore seems possible at the time of the Valuation Tribunal Hearing on I believe the 28 September 2011 [ I am away from home and do not have access to my papers] that led to my complaint about its conduct and the subsequent petition [ a complaint about the conduct of an earlier Tribunal had been upheld by the Ombudsman- not Mr Tyndall] there had been insufficient time for the report's recommendations to be implemented.  That said even if you have the best procedures in place if so minded, individuals will subvert them. To that end I would still like to see steps taken to provide a tamper proof record of Tribunal proceedings.

My detailed complaint that accompanied the petition shows massive interference with my evidence by the Tribunal and I provided examples of this in an outline for the Committee's meeting on the 3 June.  I note that Mr Tyndall then Public Services Ombudsman for Wales was an "ex officio" of the AJTC that produced the report on the Tribunal Services.  The report makes reference to the earlier Franks report that "Tribunals should be Open ,Fair and Impartial

Yet it was Mr Tyndall who refused to investigate my complaint and Mark Williams MP and I both thought he had abrogated his responsibilities.  It was the same Mr Tyndall who was seen on BBC TV last year being questioned about his seeking powers to prevent people who disagreed with his decision going to the media.  When it was put to him by the interviewer that he was seeking "gagging powers" he denied it!

So the issues surrounding my complaint remain unresolved

The "spin off" of the local authority failing in its responsibilities that led to my then new property and others having serious building defects remain unaddressed.  I have a property that from new required demolition and rebuilding of 5 retaining walls and a garage plus replacement of a long dangerous balustrade [ publicly funded experts recommendations] costing now in excess of £70000 plus a shared and private access that does not comply with planning permission despite local authority assurances at the time to the contrary and whose boundaries cannot be defined.

A property for which no mortgage would be made available and a Valuer has advised that in effect it has no value.  Yet I continue to pay Council Tax.

D A Grant.